Mini Project

I bought this funky tinsel fabric almost a year ago for the Bottle Blonde project I did at uni but I never actually got round to using it. I found it again this week while sorting through all the scrap fabric I have and thought it would make a groovy little crop top in the same silhouette at this palm leaf print one I have from New Look, so I tried the palm leaf one on myself and measured it all up (I didn’t take pictures of myself wearing it while I was measuring it so I’ve just put it on my mannequin to show you the shape I’m going for).

As you can probably see the palm leaf top is jersey so it stretches to fit the body but my tinsel fabric unfortunately does not stretch in the same way, so I decide to make a toile out of some scrap polycotton so I can guarantee the fit is right before I go diving in with the tinsel fabric.

The toile isn’t finished very well, I ran out of bias binding and rushed putting the zip in, but I can see what needs changing, as you can see it came out a bit big and boxy at the front, I’m going to take it in to my next Sewability lesson and ask Sue what she would suggest I do to fix this.


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