Learning How To Knit

When I was probably about 8, I was visiting my grandparents and my nan asked me if I’d like her to teach me how to knit, being a child with no interest in fashion or making yet (I think at that age I wanted to be an artist/vet) I was like ew no knitting is for old people!

Fast forward 13 years and I WISH I had taken Nan up on her offer, I see my friends at uni making really cool knit samples and I’m SO JEALOUS. I’ve been wishing I knew how to knit for ages now and I thought you know what I’m just going to teach my self (by which I mean YouTube is going to teach me). I bought some knitting needles and wool from Poundland, struggled to even cast on, after about half an hour of googling “how to knit, for kids” and getting more and more frustrated my mom, (who had been sat on the other side of the room this entire time) said “give it here let me have a go” took the needles from me, and started clicking away! “In my 21 years of life you have NEVER mentioned that you know how to knit!” I said bewildered, “you never asked.” she said! I never thought to! She watched me struggle that whole time and never said a thing!

ANYWAY I eventually got the hang of it and knitted lots of little colorful squares but I still didn’t know how to turn them in to anything, so when I saw this knitting set for only £3 in Flying Tiger I thought I’d grab it and give it a go, it came with a couple of little circular knitting looms, a crochet hook, a needle, some stuffing and some yarn. It said that it’s for ages 3+ so I thought it would be pretty straightforward; HAHAHA how wrong I was. Back to Youtube. It took me all afternoon but I did it and it was so satisfying seeing it turn in to something, I’m definitely going to make more of these little guys.

I hope that learning this new skill will help me create some samples in my third year of uni. I feel like recently I’ve realized the importance of the relationship between craft and design, I always kind of overlooked craft in favor of design, but I’ve come to realize the craft informs design and being a better craftsman will in turn help me to become a better designer, I can design freely with the knowledge that I will be able to turn my designs in to a physical 3D piece.


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