Baby Clothes

For the past couple of months we’ve been working really really hard on baby clothes! Natalie decided to create the Eden collection (named after her gorgeous little girl) out of the off cuts of fabric from the AW16 collection to make a limited collection of kind of “mini me” outfits, we reckon this will sell really well thanks to mom and baby duos such as Kim Kardashian and North West and Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

I thought that making baby clothes would be a great, easy way to get some sewing and pattern cutting practice but it was actually SO difficult! Babies actually have much different proportions to grown women so while drawing up the patterns we were like this doesn’t look right but we had to bare in mind that arm holes and neck hole couldn’t be too restricting because babies have to be comfortable, the linings had to be done to a really really good finish so that the tweed pieces wouldn’t scratch their sensitive skin, so it was definitely a learning curve.


I love that Natalie doesn’t let left over fabric go to waste, I think a childrens collection is such a creative way to use it all up, when making my final collection in third year I’ll definitely consider using my excess fabric to make accessories or childrens clothes, I could even sell them to raise money for our degree show.



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