Om Diva Christmas Party

Earlier this week Natalie forwarded us an email inviting us to a Christmas party at a boutique in Dublin city center called Om Diva! 16388973_10208390740834801_1102180072_o

I tagged along after work last night to see what it was all about and had a lovely time, the staff were so friendly and kept my glass filled up with rosé. From the outside the boutique looks modest in size so I was surprised to find that there was actually 4 floors! In the basement they had vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories and the two upper floors were reserved for local Irish designers! I’m ashamed to say that I never realized that Ireland is home to so many independent designers!

Even with 20% off everything in store I unfortunately couldn’t afford anything but I’m still glad I went because I felt so inspired by the visual merchandising! The more I learn about the fashion industry, retail and set design the more I appreciate the importance of creative visual merchandising, I’m starting to realize just how much it affects a customers experience. Its really made me think about how I would incorporate my personal sense of style in to the decor if I were to have my own boutique one day or if I were to present my final collection in an exhibition space.

Thanks again to Om Diva for such a great night! I’m so excited for Christmas now!


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