Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling . . .

My last couple of weeks here with Natalie have been spent working on SS17 production, a big part of that has been rolls! While at the trade show in Paris Natalie got a lot of orders for the tulle jacket she designed which re-imagined the woolen rolls on aran sweaters, each sleeve on these jackets has 266 tulle rolls which means 2 sleeves have 532 rolls, all of these a cut, rolled and sewn on by hand, hence why its taken 2 whole weeks.

Rather than cutting tulle off the roll I’ve been sorting through the scraps we have, this is time consuming but I know it’s very important to create as little waste as possible and ordering another roll of tulle takes a lot of time which we don’t have, SS17 production needs to be finished by the second week of January and Natalie is simultaneously working on the new collection.

The worst sleeves to sew are the pink ones, the pink tulle is practically invisible unless it’s layered up a few times to I have to really strain my eyes. It’s been a long and tedious task but I’m sure it will be worth it once it’s all done. We’ve also had to cut the pattern pieces for the slips which go under the tulle jackets and I’ve had to deliver them to the seamstresses who work from home.


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