This week I was given the task of sorting through the scrap fabric to find this gorgeous bonded lace and plastic fabric, and to turn it in to tuxedo baby bibs! I measured off one of Edens basic bibs to get the size and shape and used gross grain and Velcro for the fastening. What took the longest was the bias binding around the curve of the neck, the stitching is very visible on the fabric so it’s important that it is perfect, this took a long time to perfect and got very repetitive and frustrating, as you can see from the pictures I did ALOT of practices.

I think that the end result is gorgeous though, I love the romantic Gothic kind of look and I can just picture little Eden wearing one at a dinner party an being the suavest baby at the ball! I kind of want to by one for my self to wear over a white blouse  . . .

These bibs will be part of the “Eden Collection” which will debut next month. We made 13 bibs in total, one for Eden and 12 for sale.


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