Christmas Stockings!

Natalie was sent some gorgeous tweed from Molloy & Sons to create Christmas gifts with, so we were given the task of making stockings! We didn’t have a lot of tweed and we wanted to make 20-30 stockings so we started by making toiles out of some cheap furniture fabric, you know the kind of fabric your nans sofa is made out of? yeah that. We considered leaving it raw edge but decided we needed to make them look as well-made as possible because they’re going to be sent to the brands most important contacts in the hope that they’ll instagram them! SO we went with a french seam, which was a pain in the bum to do because the tweed is so thick and the socks are so small but it was really good practice! We wanted the stockings to be reminiscent of Natalie’s quirky designs so I made the ruffles all miss-match by joining lots of different pieces of tweed together, shes also gave us some embellishments from a previous collection to hand stitch on to the stockings and I think they look gorgeous! These stockings surprisingly took us ALL WEEK, we spent so long perfecting the method of how we would put them together and practicing french seams and deciding to make the heels, toes, loops and ruffles all miss matched these socks have literally taken over my life I am going to have nightmares about them BUT I do feel super christmassy now and I feel like an expert when it comes to working with tweed.


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