Dr.Strange Premiere

My boss Natalie was sent tickets to the screening of the new marvel studios movie Dr.Strange at Cineworld in Dublin, because she has a very small baby she couldn’t go and she very kindly gave me the tickets!

Last night was also my boyfriend Wills last night in Dublin and he’s a massive nerd who is crazy about superhero movies so it was the perfect way to spend our last night together! We didn’t know what to expect because neither of us had ever been to an event like this before but we had so much fun! We got our picture taken, unlimited free beer, pizza and cocktails! (as a student, there’s nothing better in the world than free food and alcohol) All of the bar staff were dressed in doctors scrubs and one guy came dressed as Dr.Strange himself!

The movie was soooo good I 100% recommend it even to people who aren’t particularly in to super hero movies, this one is really easy to follow. I wore my “All The Jewellery I Never Got” dress to represent the label, I also just really love the design its so easy to wear I always feel cute and confident when I wear it.


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