March For Choice

Before moving to Dublin I had heard of the Repeal the 8th movement but all I understood of it was that abortion is illegal in Ireland and people wanted it to be made legal. Since moving here I’ve learned so much more, I was fortunate enough to meet Anna Cosgrave, the activist behind the REPEAL apparel range, at the SS17 presentation and chat to her about the movement, this was when I learned that on average 12 women per day travel to the UK to get access to abortion, a procedure every woman should have the right to. Since becoming more aware of the cause I have heard the most heartbreaking stories, a girl who couldn’t get an appointment on the day she travelled which resulted in her walking the streets of Liverpool all night so she could have the procedure the next day, girls going through the procedure without anaesthetic so that they can fly back to Ireland the same day because they couldn’t afford hotels, not to mention all the girls who for whatever reason cant travel. I have come to realise how much I take for granted, and I feel a responsibility as a girl to stand with my Irish sisters and fight back against the discrimination and oppression they face at the hands of this draconian amendment.

I was super excited to attend the annual March For Choice on Saturday with the girls I work with however at the last minute my plans changed and I had to deliver a dress to a stylist for a photo shoot, which is why most of the photos on this blog post are from

Although I unfortunately didn’t get to attend the march, I still felt the need to write this blog post because as a feminist I feel a real connection to this cause, I hope to get more involved and see a change in the Irish constitution soon.

Learning more about the Repeal movement has also made me consider getting involved through my fashion work, I think creating a final collection inspired by a human rights campaign/political movement would be really exciting and a great way to raise awareness.

#REPEAL #repealthe8th #supportyourlocalgirlgang #prochoice #ourbodiesourchoice




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